This page contains resources, mostly in Microsoft Office formats, to work on while you’re at home.

If you don’t have Microsoft Office, you can log into Office 365 with your school login and use the programs online.
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Chemistry: Lessons 01-10 (.ZIP, 22Mb)

Chemistry: Lessons 11-20 (.ZIP, 29Mb)

Chemistry: Lessons 21-30 (.ZIP, 22Mb)

Biology: Topic 1 – Classification, variation and inheritance (.ZIP, 11Mb)

Biology: Topic 2 – Responses to a changing environment (.ZIP, 14Mb)

Biology: Topic 3 – Problems of and solutions to a changing environment (.ZIP, 27Mb)



English: Year 7 Tasks (.ZIP, 13Mb)

English: Year 8 Tasks (.ZIP, 10Mb)

English: Year 9 Tasks (.ZIP, 23Mb)



Years 7 & 8: Go to and use the school log in to access lessons and practice questions on topics that are on your rubric for this half term.

Year 9: Go to where you can access the videos for the topics on your rubric and answer practice questions.