You’re used to using Microsoft Office programs (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, & Excel) in school, but did you know you can access them online, from almost any device? Here’s how:

Open up a web page and go to, or search “Office 365”. 

You should get this page:


In the two boxes on the right, type your school username (e.g. 16JSmith) and add after it.

So, in this example it would be

Some students don’t have a number in their username.  If that’s you, then its just something like

And in the box underneath, type the password you use to login to computers at school.

You should now see this window:


From here you can check your email, or use any of the usual Microsoft programs.

It won’t be as fast as using the program installed on your computer, but still works well.

You can’t load files directly from your computer, but you can upload them to OneDrive (cloud storage) first.

Some programs may start with helpful pop-ups if you’ve used them for the first time, such as email:


In this case, just select the settings above and click SAVE.