Why Expedition?

Here at Burnley High School, a deliberately small school, we firmly believe that in order to prepare our young people for their future working life and equip them with the essential life and employability skills, Expeditionary learning offers an innovative and unique platform in which to deliver both skills and knowledge.

In recent years, much research has been done around the success of using the Expeditionary learning to a curriculum model. This research demonstrates the benefits of such a curriculum approach to include:

  • longer retention of knowledge due to the application and authentic approach
  • promotes and develops enquiry skills
  • develops independent learning skills
  • encourages high order thinking, problem solving, collaborative learning and communication
  • allows students to find success in failure


When designing a curriculum model around a Expedition framework there are many things that must be taken into consideration. Here at Burnley High School we ensure that students ‘buy in’ to each Expedition in order for them to be a success, credible yet still delivering essential curriculum content. Our Expeditions have a real life element or commitment to them so that the students can put them into everyday life situations. We carefully consider which of our specialist staff are delivering which element of each Expedition in order to draw on the strengths of our team.

For more detailed information on our Expedition model and its design and reasoning please click here.