At Burnley High School, we are committed to providing every student with opportunities to develop his or her maximum potential and to provide high quality learning. All of our students are entitled to a curriculum and environment which meets their needs and enables them to flourish both academically and in terms of developing their character.


We feel provision will be most effective when it is made within the classroom through a stimulating differentiated curriculum. With the use of differentiated lessons we can challenge and enhance learning and performance.

We also recognise that working with external partners can offer a different kind of challenge to able, Gifted and Talented students.

Some of the strategies we use are:

  • Opportunities to participate in gifted and talented challenge days / competitions across the borough.
  • Change of pace, resources, support, questioning, outcome and role within lessons.
  • Providing appropriate, challenging teacher feedback.
  • Opportunities to investigate real life situations, to solve real problems and produce real solutions.
  • Regular monitoring and reporting of individual student performance.
  • Opportunities for more able students to work together.
  • Mentoring students lower down the school.