Why do we learn about careers?


Here at Burnley High school, we believe that you should have control over your life, and you should choose what path in life you take.

That’s why we have a careers framework for you. A careers framework is there to help you understand yourself, as well as understand the world of work, and to give you lots of info about careers and jobs, so you can have more choice of what job you do when you leave school.

Ofsted says:

“Every child should leave school prepared for life in modern Britain. High quality, independent careers guidance is crucial in helping pupils emerge from school more fully rounded and ready for the world of work. Young people want and need to be well-informed when making subject and career decisions.”

What is our careers framework?

Look at the posters in your form room and in PBL3 for more info.

Your teacher can give you more details if you want them.

Our Careers Framework

What do we do? Why do we do it?
Skill of the Month Every month, you will be given a key skill to work on. This will give you a better chance of a successful job when you leave school. Look at the poster for more details. 
Developmental Assets Once a month, you will look at the skill of the month in your Developmental Assets lesson, and you will also have separate careers lessons.
Careers boards and posters In every room, you can find a careers display. There will be a poster with jobs on it so you can see which jobs need which subjects.

You can also find a list of websites that can give you advice about what path is the right one for you.

STEM opportunities In our part of the world, there are lots of exciting jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We will help you find the right one for you.
Parent Power Your parents are a great resource and we need them! They could give a careers talk or help giving someone work experience or give some advice about what jobs you might do. We will be asking them so get them ready!
Careers Days: 2 full days in the Summer Term Each summer term, we have 2 full days having fun learning about careers. Year 11 also have special days in the Autumn Term. See the poster for more details

Help! I need some careers advice!

  • See Miss A Jawaid – Information and Guidance and Gifted and Able Coordinator
  • See the posters in each room to give you ideas
  • Check out the following websites. They have stacks of good advice and some even test your skills and match you to a job. 


Skill of the Month 

Month Focus Skill
September Introduction to the first 5 key skills
October Communication
November Literacy
December Teamwork
January Numeracy
February Computer Literacy
March Analysis (why?)
April Organisation (work and home)
May Motivation (revision and work-experience)
June Resilience (exams and results)
July Self-Awareness (rounded person)