Joint Practice Development

 A new approach to Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Course Outline

At Burnley High School, not only do we provide an innovative approach to our curriculum and teaching and learning, we also explore innovative approaches to CPD (Continued Professional Development)

In order to allow training to be bespoke to each member of staffs needs and skills and a commitment to ensure that all teachers are supported on their journey to outstanding, we utilise the expertise and experience of staff here at BHS in putting together a JPD programme, delivered in house, by in-house experts and enthusiasts.

The JPD programme is designed to facilitate sharing best practice amongst staff no matter what stage of their career they are in. 

Core sessions are timetabled across the year, whereas sessions that are requested or are responding to the needs of staff are timetabled as and when required.


Outstanding Middle Leadership


As a Middle Leader at BHS, the training and development is extensive and is tailored to the needs of every individual. This programme explores the skills necessary to be successful in Middle Leadership, leading and modelling excellence in teaching and learning, leading and developing colleagues, inspiring others and leading an effective team and self awareness. 

The materials used in this programme have been developed from national programmes and in house expertise and colleague from across the Chapel St Trust as well as SLT’s in the Trust schools.


Statutory Induction Programme

All newly qualified teachers will have to complete this statutory induction programme in order to qualify at the end of their first year of teaching. This programme covers all aspects of teaching and learning pedagogy including: lesson planning, differentiation, questioning, behaviour management, Assessment for Learning and the role of the SENCO. All NQTs and ITT students are members of a TIP group and follow the same schedule as outlined above.

Any ITT placements with us will also have their own specific ITT Induction Programme which will cover the basic teaching pedagogy.