In the zone

The latest fun game for students during the clubs session is Safe Zone.


Run by Mr Mason and Mr Sidat Safe Zone is a playground pursuit that requires you to score as many points as possible.You score points by running to the Safe Zone and back again.

There is strategy, teamwork and speed involved which means it covers a wide range of skills which are vital to learners’ future development.IMG_4221

Mr Mason said: “I think this game is very useful and also great fun as everyone is involved and there is mass participation and it is all about taking risks.


“This game also can help students with their quick addition and multiplication skills as it involves adding and subtracting. This game teaches you helpful skills that are useful in sport and in academic life.”

Year eight JackTustin added: “I find this really fun and I like it because I can interact with others students.”


Words: Jason Beaumont
Pictures: The Newshounds team