CLUB WATCH – Netball club

It all adds up for new netball club. By Leighton Burgoyne Today at clubs, our new maths teacher started running a netball club. Miss Natalie Lewis says she is hoping enter the team into Burnley schools competitions. She said the aim is to recruit new players and improve the quality of play. Miss Lewis said: “Our aim is to win … Read More

CLUB WATCH – Engineering Club

By Leighton Burgoyne Pupils are learning about the workings of household equipment in Engineering Club. The club is running for four weeks and shows members how to dismantle electronic appliances and put them back together. The members are learning with the help of Dyson vacuum cleaners provided by the firm’s charity foundation. Club teacher David Wallace said: “I think it gives the pupils … Read More

World Book Day

By Leighton Burgoyne Students found a novel way to celebrate World Book Day. The pupils at Burnley High School dressed as their favourite characters from fiction to celebrate the world of literature. The characters ranged from Thing 1 to Harry Potter and from Bella Trix to Captain Hook. The pupils took part in a game of hide and seek to … Read More

ZooLab visit

By Leighton Burgoyne James from ZooLab visited the school with a rainforest snail, cockroach, frog, snake and a tarantula. ZooLab is a company that lets children see and pet animals and insects, that at a later time they can put the known skills into a project, the visit was mainly focused on rainforests. The visit was combined with science and … Read More

Our new project

By Leighton Burgoyne History is being brought to life for students at Burnley High School. They will be using blues music to help unravel one of the saddest stories in history – The Slave Trade. Assistant Headteacher, Miss. Povey said the project is about the history of the slave trade and its links to blues music. Its aim is to … Read More

The Future

by Leighton Burgoyne The good news is that we are staying at Parkhill for the time being. We are expanding into the offices next to our existing accommodation and extending our school. The new facilities are being planned for when we take on new pupils at the school in September and will include additional classrooms, a science lab, more toilets … Read More

CLUB WATCH – Dodgeball

By Leighton Burgoyne On the agenda today at clubs is dodgeball. Dodgeball is held by Mr David Wallace, every Tuesday, and involves two teams trying to knock opponents out of the game using a soft ball. Member, Jamie Stinton said: “I really enjoy the club and it is really fun.” Angus Brown said: “It is nice hanging out with your … Read More

CLUB WATCH – Survival Club!

by Leighton Burgoyne It is all about the great outdoors at Burnley High School’s survival club with challenges which range from preparing and eating pheasants to map reading. The club which is ran by Mr Adrian Bright, helps members understand about how to survive in harsh conditions and how to do important things such as using a compass. Mr Bright … Read More


 By Leighton Burgoyne Members of Burnley High School’s eco club are making their fellow students green with envy. The club – run by Mrs Adele Ormerod – looks at all aspects of wildlife and the environment. And at the moment its members are busy building a woodlice house in the school garden. Mrs Ormerod said: “We like to make wildlife … Read More

CLUB WATCH – Games Club

 By Leighton Burgoyne It’s all play and no work at Burnley High School’s games club. The club which meets twice a week, involves pupils in chess, jenga, cards and board games. Six or seven students take part in the get together on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Member Alfie Tattersall said: ”I enjoy the chess tournaments and playing cards” “I like getting … Read More