Newshounds club – What’s Cooking?

Words and pictures by members of the BHS newshounds club. Budding cooks are donning their aprons for a new cooking club at Burnley High School. The club organised by Miss Walmsley and Mr Mason has attracted 16 members in its first week. Student Cameron James said: “I joined cooking club because I have never done any cooking and I wanted … Read More

Newshounds Club – Checkmate!

Words and pictures by the Burnley High School newshounds team.   Students are more than pawns in the game as they seek to improve their chess skills. A popular club has seen the numbers taking up the pastime at Burnley High School on the increase. Teacher Mr Jeal who runs the club with colleague Miss Mossop said: “The standard of … Read More

CLUB WATCH – Arts and Crafts Club

Words and pictures by Leighton Burgoyne.   Burnley High School’s Arts and Craft Club is busy looking forward to Christmas. Members are making festive wreaths which they plan to sell in aid of charity Miss Burns, who runs the club, said: “Christmas is all about creation and here we are creating these beautiful items.” Member Jessica Davies added: “The club … Read More

CLUB WATCH – Games Club 2015

Photographs: Cameron Tulloch and Leighton Burgoyne. Words: Leighton Burgoyne. It’s all about the games at the classical Games Club, which is run by Mrs Mossop on Tuesday and Mr Spensley during Thursday’s club time. Thomas Cotton, a member of the group said: “I really enjoy games club, it is really fun!” He added: “My favourite games are Monopoly, Cards, Scrabble … Read More

Cross Country

Students enjoyed an afternoon of cross country training with their own circuit in the school grounds. Under the watchful eye of PE teacher Mr Wallace, the pupils took on three laps of the Parkhill track. Mr Wallace said: “This is really good exercise aimed at improving the cardiovascular system.”

CLUB WATCH – Tig Tag Club

Words and picture by Leighton Burgoyne Burnley High School’s latest club is named after the most famous game of all. TIG! The Tig Tag club organised by Mr Liam Duckworth is designed to promote fitness and teamwork. Mr Duckworth said: “It is a non-contact sport where participants have to get from one end of the field to the other. “Any … Read More

Newshounds first with the “moos”

Newshound Leighton Burgoyne is first with the “moos”. Our new neighbours here at Burnley High School are providing hours of fascination. The herd of cows in the neighbouring pasture are proudly showing off their new calves and so I took my camera down to capture the happy families. Here are some of my photos:  


by Leighton Burgoyne Burnley High School’s latest club has been launched for budding Picassos. Students are displaying a range of skills from sketching to painting as they reveal their artistic talents. Mr Duckworth, who runs the art club said: “The whole idea is to help pupils get their feelings down on paper. “So far their efforts have been excellent and … Read More

In at the deep end

By Leighton Burgoyne Burnley High School’s young swimmers went to great lengths for success in their first ever gala. The squad comprising William Barker, Jayden McKenzie, Jamie Stinton, Daniel Veitch, Cady Garnet, Kira Atkinson and Ellie and Holly Macdiarmid took part in the Burnley Schools gala which was held at the St Peter’s Centre. PE Teacher David Wallace, who accompanied … Read More

CLUB WATCH – Cricket Club

By Leighton Burgoyne Howzat! Burnley High School students are pitching in for cricket coaching. The latest club launched at the school is for budding batsman and bowlers. The club which is to run for the summer term has been organised by PE teacher, David Wallace. Mr Wallace said: “We aim to teach the basics of the sport and to play … Read More