In the zone

The latest fun game for students during the clubs session is Safe Zone. Run by Mr Mason and Mr Sidat Safe Zone is a playground pursuit that requires you to score as many points as possible.You score points by running to the Safe Zone and back again. There is strategy, teamwork and speed involved which means it covers a wide … Read More

Capturing the action

The latest fun activity on offer during Burnley High School’s clubs sessions is Capturing the Flag.       The game, which sees two teams split into defenders and attackers attempt to take control of their opponents’ prized flag, has changed little for decades.   Strategy, enthusiasm and athletic ability are all called on as the students vie for the … Read More

Building our future

Our new school at Habergham is really taking shape and the people building it are very proud of the work they are undertaking. Eric Wright Construction – the firm given the contract to design and build the Burnley High School – have invited our Newshounds to meet the team behind the scheme. Here in the first of a regular series … Read More

Hey, get your car washed today

Students are up to their elbows in soapy water raising money for Help for Heroes. They are all members of Burnley High School’s newly-formed car wash club working under the direction of pastoral team member, Miss Mossop. The idea for the charity fund raiser came from pupil Jack Jones who was inspired by his uncle, a serving member with the … Read More

Kicking Off

Students are improving their soccer skills at a weekly football club. Teacher Mr Nicholson said the small-sided games were aimed at preparing the pupils for matches against other schools in the months ahead. He said: “We shall be playing fixtures this term so the indoor practice has been invaluable in learning technique and improving fitness.” Club member Angus Br own … Read More

Students switch on to programming club

Students are developing their computer skills at the newly found programming club. Their first tasks, guided by Mr Sidat, are getting to grips with the coding language Python and creating their own games. Other projects will involve setting up a hangman game and a calculator app and finally to master Game Creator software. Member Charlotte Green said: “I hope to … Read More

It’s only rock and roll..but we like it!

Words: Jacob Wilson Pictures: Newshounds team They are rocking around the clock at Burnley High School.  The school’s new rock club is allowing students to look at music from the use of instruments to writing lyrics and behind the scenes roles.  Creative arts teacher, David Jeal said the aim would be to see the pupils performing at some stage in … Read More

Club watch – Art for Art’s Sake.

Words by Jacob Wilson Pictures by Leighton Burgoyne and Ebony Dalrymple   Students are drawing on their talent at the BHS arts and crafts club. The club, organised by Miss Burns, involves painting, drawing and patchwork skills.   Miss Burns said: “The idea is to enjoy a range of artistic talents and the students are certainly showing that.” Student Kayleigh … Read More

Newshounds club – What’s Cooking?

Words and pictures by members of the BHS newshounds club. Budding cooks are donning their aprons for a new cooking club at Burnley High School. The club organised by Miss Walmsley and Mr Mason has attracted 16 members in its first week. Student Cameron James said: “I joined cooking club because I have never done any cooking and I wanted … Read More

Newshounds Club – Checkmate!

Words and pictures by the Burnley High School newshounds team.   Students are more than pawns in the game as they seek to improve their chess skills. A popular club has seen the numbers taking up the pastime at Burnley High School on the increase. Teacher Mr Jeal who runs the club with colleague Miss Mossop said: “The standard of … Read More