• Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Democracy – an understanding of democracy and the British political system is developed at Burnley High School in the first half term through our Expeditions.  Students learn:

  • What democracy is
  • How the political system has developed in the UK
  • The roles of citizens, Parliament and the Monarch
  • The operation of Parliament including voting and elections and the role of political parties

Throughout this Expedition, students create manifestos, campaign for votes, stand for election, ultimately to become part of the school Parliament.  Once the school Parliament is elected they meet regularly to discuss important school issues.

Democracy is regularly revisited throughout KS3 through our developmental assets programme


The rule of Law – through the Democracy, Political Song and A Fragment of History Expeditions students develop an understanding of:

  • The rule of Law
  • Justice system, including the role of the police
  • The operation of courts and tribunals is explored in depth.

Students use their knowledge to create a school agreement about conduct. Through these Expeditions students explore the history of Law and how it has changed over time.  The Developmental Assets Programme explores positive role models and being a good citizen and the effects that poor conduct can have.


Individual Liberty – All students and staff at Burnley High School work hard to establish an ethos where everyone has opportunities to express themselves freely and develop their own interest and opinions.

Each half term students select a club that they would like to take part in.  Many of the clubs are set up following suggestions and requests from students.  Examples of clubs include Eco, games, homework, crafts, sports, computer science and survival.

In RE students learn about different beliefs, lifestyles and cultures and are encouraged to explore for themselves their own beliefs and listen to other peoples view and human rights.

Through our Political Song, A Fragment of History and Never Forget Expeditions, students explore various key historical events including the Magna Carta, Women’s Suffrage and Human Rights and link them to how decisions are made in society today and situations where individual liberties have been restricted or removed.

Mutual Respect – Mutual respect is developed through Burnley High School’s strong ethos, Love, Grace and Fellowship, which permeates everything we do.  Weekly assemblies link to these themes in order to create a school ethos based on mutual respect.

Burnley High School’s Developmental Assets programme is specifically designed to explore what mutual respect is and how to tolerate others beliefs and opinions.

Through our Expeditions students explore mutual respect by investigating war, conflict, resolution, human rights and the views, beliefs and opinions of others including political viewpoints.


Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs – students learn about different cultures, beliefs and faiths through our Expeditions. Throughout these Expeditions, students are given a variety of scenarios to explore and work in teams to understand the importance of acceptance and tolerance.

The Survival Expedition allows students to develop a link with a school in India and through Skype are able to communicate with Aid workers there in order to see first-hand how Indian children in the village are educated and live day to day.

In RE students compare and contrast different values and beliefs and look at the impact of different situations where people did not show tolerance towards each other’s beliefs.

In order to create individuals who will be able to participate effectively in life and in modern Britain, all students have to complete 9 hours of service to their community and raise at least £15 for a specified charity each year.  Students develop an understanding about the importance of putting something back into the community.