About Burnley High School.

We are a secondary school based in the Padiham area of Burnley. We opened in 2014 with year 7 and we will continue to build on that each year until we open our 6th Form in 2019. As part of the Chapel St schools group, we provide a warm welcome for people of all faiths, and none. Read more about Chapel Street Community Schools Trust here.


Executive Headteacher’s Message.

Victoria Povey

Victoria Povey, Executive Headteacher

Welcome to Burnley High School! We offer a very different school with a strong ethos and high academic expectation. Our curriculum is both creative and innovative and we are dedicated to equipping our students for the working world in which they will enter.

Our school ethos ensures that all our students and staff are part of a family and we instil a strong sense of community and social responsibility.

Alongside our innovative and engaging curriculum we have a team of dedicated students, our Pastoral Coaches, for those who feel they might benefit from a little extra support. Alongside the student coaches we also have adult coaches who will work with our students in their primary school before they join our family at Burnley High School.

Please take a look through our website to find out more about the opportunities at BHS. We look forward to welcoming you to our school community.

Caring, Creative & Fun.

Our vision.

We want to transform the lives of our pupils and their communities by helping them achieve their utmost, celebrate their talents and become the best that they can be.


Focus on the whole person.

We focus on developing the whole person by not only concentrating on high academic expectations but also focusing on our pupil’s key life skills and personal and social development.


Achieving potential.

We aim to build a life long love of learning in our pupils and a set of moral values that will enable them to make a positive contribution to the community and a rapidly changing society.


We Are A Diverse Community.

We're enhanced by the rich cultural heritage of our school community. With over fourteen different nationalities and eighteen different home languages, learning together and promoting community is a key element of life at Burnley.


Ethos and Values.

Chapel St schools are founded on the principles of grace, love and fellowship. We create inclusive learning communities where each individual is respected and valued.

Chapel St schools share a broad, generous and inclusive Christian ethos. We welcome children and families from all faiths and none, inviting everyone to work together towards the good of the whole community.

Recognising and investing in the value and potential of each pupil through personalised teaching and nurturing support, enabling pupils to enjoy and apply their learning to real life.

The creation of a culture of inclusion, acceptance, reconciliation, hope and freedom for each pupil and their communities.

Serving people of all faiths and none, providing a supportive, collaborative community that benefits and positively engages pupils, parents/carers and family members in the life and community of the school.